A love coach, writer,
dreamer and creator.


A love coach, writer,
dreamer and creator.

Born in Egypt, raised in Ottawa and now living in Montreal, I’m proud of the life and relationships I’ve created for myself and my clients.

I’m a love coach with a conscious approach. I help my clients create a vision of their ideal relationship and to align with the vision to make it a reality. This is how it all started for me. I moved out of my old relationship patterns and created the exact relationship I always dreamed of having. 

But let me tell you,
it wasn’t always this way.

Although I’ve always had a deep connection to my wisdom, my journey came with many twists and turns. And after three back-to-back relationships, all of which had their own set of deep struggles, I took time to be on my own and reflect back on these experiences. What I saw was a recurring pattern…and I was central to it.  

I wasn’t being appreciated because I didn’t appreciate myself.

I depended on my boyfriends for my happiness because I didn’t know how to create my own.

I came to understand that in order to create the relationship I’ve always dreamed of, the one I knew I deserved, I had to be (and still have to be) the type of person I want to be with. I made a vision of my ideal relationship and fostered that relationship with myself.

My journey to becoming a Love Coach was born out of my genuine desire to shift the conversation about relationships to a more empowering one. I want to make this area of your life flow with ease and joy, so that you can spend your time and energy on thriving – not worrying about your relationships.

Be the Queen of your own world and watch your King follow.

Love always,

Diana XO