How would it feel to have the love you’ve always wanted?

As a Love Coach with a conscious approach, I’ll help you create the relationship you want. Together, we’ll create a vision of your ideal relationship (whether you’re in one or not) and align you to that vision to make it a reality.

We all have girlfriends that will sit on the couch with us, listen and offer advice on our love lives. Those friendships are essential, but they have certain limits. Diana is a Love Coach and not your couch girlfriend. She is a professional whose advice is coming from years of experience working with women in all stages of relationships.  As a professional, she takes notes and refers back to earlier sessions to remark on how you’ve grown. She gives out “homework” and checks up on you — having her on my side was the push I needed to follow through with my own personal goals.  She is nonjudgmental and she genuinely wants her clients to succeed with love. I would recommend her to any man or woman no matter where you’re at—single, married, or divorced!

Sabrina Prioletta
Sabrina Prioletta

Having had the opportunity to experience coaching sessions with Diana, I can honestly say she is in a league of her own.  Diana combines a light, loving approach with structure and laser-focused questions that had me reflect in a new way about my relationships, about myself.  It was like a dance – an effortless exchange that never felt awkward or forced.  But it goes beyond the 1-on-1 coaching, as her follow-up exercises and audios truly help anchor everything that was communicated.  This is another thing that makes Diana very unique – having material to refer to  (especially those days when your mind goes back to old patterns!) has tremendous value.  I recommend Diana to anyone who is searching for the ‘one’ and for those who have found the ‘one’ .. and want to keep them!

Mira Katz

I had the pleasure of first meeting Diana before knowing that she was a Love Coach. After five minutes of chatting I found myself in tears of joy – the wet kind that drips out of your eyeballs. When I found out she was offering a coaching service I absolutely had to try it. I was right. There’s something special about talking about love with someone so pure, genuine, and centred, who isn’t my mom or best friend. Diana’s values are grounded in self-love, joy, and connection. Her questions and comments always gave me something to think about during the session, and even more when I re-listened to them later. I can say with certainty that my mindset has taken a 180 turn. I’m in a more positive mindset, and have a vision I can refer to for guidance when life happens. If you breathe, have a heart, and think relationships are important, Diana can only bring more good things to your life.

Sanaa Geneski

I found Diana on instagram and I was immediately drawn to her page. I could feel her energy through her photos and I knew contacting her was the right move. I live in a different city and Diana was very accommodating and we communicated through the phone calls. Within two sessions, I felt a shift in my life and my thought process and I truly have more love and happiness towards myself. It’s an uphill battle, however, Diana provided me with tools that can be incorporated in my daily life and I feel comfortable contacting her anytime I need to in the future. Thank you Diana, I’ve got so much love for you.


Diana has a huge gift at making people feel comfortable with themselves and personally making me feel more comfortable with another human being. I struggled a long time with self love and building a relationship with myself, although I always knew I was there I wasn’t sure how to truly love myself, which was no fault of my own…I just was never shown in a way that was personal for me. Which is what Diana does, she makes your sessions all about you, she is extremely focused on YOU. If I had to describe Diana’s work in one word it would be “Devoted”. I would recommend anyone to seek out Diana’s help in this journey we all seem to seek. Diana’s pull to help is so pure you will be able to feel it. Within the world of love help there should only be encouragement and I believe Diana is the one to give it to you!

Nathalie Audant

Looking to start the new year on the right note, I reached out to Diana at the beginning of 2016. I had been single for about 3 years after my last serious relationship and quite frankly sick of the dating scene, I was ready for love. Shortly after my first session with Diana, I found her approach helped me better understand my reoccurring patterns that frequently came across my dating life. It was so simple yet so effective. This really helped me be more mindful of my behaviour not only in my love life but in my everyday interactions. I learned to breathe and take a moment  before reacting on impulse, best advice ever! Diana’s holistic coaching style was exactly what I was looking for – I would definitely recommend Diana to anyone seeking guidance in love or just simply to improve their current relationships.

Petrona Joseph

Diana’s authenticity sold me on her services. I really enjoyed the objectivity of our sessions. In addition, I enjoyed the follow up emails with resources, and the audio recordings which I was able to listen to myself and which jolted me back to reality. Diana’s coaching sessions were crucial to me getting over the guilt I harbored for leaving a 17 year on and off dysfunctional relationship. Once I was able to let go, I was opened to being in love again. Recommending Diana is something I do daily. If I know of someone with relationship issues, I tell them: “call my love coach, she’ll help you”.



I’ve dated many girls over the years but I never had a clear picture of what I actually needed to make me happy. I would often jump into relationships for all the wrong reasons and I didn’t have a clear roadmap.  I’m now seeing a girl who I can grow with and who compliments what I need. Diana will help identify what you’re looking for, and show you how to attract it and retain it. Sometimes we need to change things within ourselves in order to be able to bring in the type of person we want in our lives. Diana helped me do this.


I worked with Diana over the course of 4 sessions. She gave me exercises that reflected my needs and goals,  recommended activities tailored to my lifestyle, and communicated thoughts that I was not only able to grasp, but apply in my daily life as well. She was an amazing listener, and challenged with kindness and compassion the thoughts that were creating a vicious cycle in my life. I was able to make some significant improvements in my love life and found that her insight was also helpful in other areas of my life. Coaching with Diana feels like you’re talking to a dear friend, but a friend who is coming from a place of clarity, calmness, objective insight and intuition. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance on finding the right partner, fulfillment in their current relationship and anything in between.


Diana not only helps you through your “man/woman problems” but helps you understand what your mind, body and soul are really going through. She has a soft yet thorough approach to love. Through the few sessions we shared, I could already see myself shifting my negative thoughts into positive ones! Needless to say, I got engaged 6 months post our sessions! Thank you Diana for guiding me to the road of happiness and as you once said “allow life to unfold itself naturally”.


What Is Conscious Love?

To consciously love means to be intentional about the kind of relationship you want to be in, to be deeply committed to growth and to step out of ego and into love. Unlike the course of many relationships, conscious love actually gets stronger over time. To help clarify, I’ve put together a little checklist for you. A conscious love starter pack, if you will.

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Relationship

You meet a guy and think to yourself, “This is it. This is the guy I’ve been looking for. Everything between the two of you is progressing perfectly; you talk day and night, see each other all the time, share your hopes and dreams – then pouf! He pulls the disappearing act. He’s distant, gets in touch way less often (if at all), and now you’re left wondering, why…

How Do You Know If They’re “The One”

Imagine how many opportunities there would be to connect with others if when you were at a coffee shop, you simply sat and drank your coffee – with no armour. Or, if when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, you looked around instead of at your phone. As much as we think life is happening on our devices, there’s a whole lot more happening in real-time.

Let’s Get Personal.

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